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Free Promotion for your Music
By Jeffrey P. Fisher

Can you successfully promote your music products and services using little or no money? Yes you can. Use the media to promote your products and services.

You want the media to publish news releases, articles, and other material about your activities. By media I mean local and national trade press, major newspapers, small community papers, Chamber of Commerce newsletters, Internet e-zines and Web sites, and any other media outlets that serve your target community. Include radio, TV, and cable, too. There is an amazing amount of free media available to you that you can use to promote your music business. You just need to find the right places. The Internet and/or a visit to the reference section at your local library will help.

Send news, not shameless promotion. Ideal topics for news releases are new products and services, staff changes, equipment purchases, problems solved, and projects completed. Get creative and use your imagination. What "news" do you have happening with your music career that would be of interest to readers/viewers/listeners? Also, you should piggy back on national, state, and local coverage of your specialty by being included and quoted as the expert on the subject. In other words, if something happens in the world that you can put a spin on, let your media contacts know that you can help with their stories.

A close relative of the news release is an article pitch. Essentially, you come up with the idea for an article (that features you in some way, obviously) and work to get the media source to write and publish that article. This third-party validation of your work is the favorable publicity that money just can't buy.

Whenever you make the pitch, include some of your standard promotional material. Explain that you are open to being interviewed about your work and that you are including this additional material to help the media outlet write or edit a better story. It also makes sense to have a decent publicity photo, too.

Writing articles and providing helpful (and useful) information is another tactic. Through each article you show your expert knowledge and position yourself to help those who need your music products and services. (This article is an example of just what I mean.)

Remember that the idea is not to write news releases, articles, and get interviews. You are doing this to promote your career and make money. You must let the world know you exist, and the media is just another avenue to explore. Effective publicity is what this all about and what must be your goal always.

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