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10 Tips For Better Gigs
By Suzanne Glass

1. Bring ten copies of your songlist. Make sure the type is large enough to read from several feel away. (A computer is a great way to make songlists.) Give one to the soundman, each band member, an anyone else who might need to know the order of your songs. Make a habit of sticking to your set lists.

2. Drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated. Take it easy with alcohol, which dehydrates you.

3. Involve the audience in your shows. Give away your free drinks and talk to them from the stage. Mingle in between sets. Getting to know people will result in loyal fans.

4. Take extra 9V batteries. One always goes out, and no one ever has a spare. Fuses for your amps and speakers are essential too.

5. Guitarists and bassists can set their amps at ear level (on a table or rack) to improve monitor levels while keeping overall volume down. Singers and drummers can benefit greatly from a small monitor mounted on a stand at ear level. (See the great products at

6. Take along a supply of promo kits and business cards along with your calendar for booking more shows.

7. If you have merchandise like CDs and T-shirts, set up a nice table with a sign. Get someone to man the table all night, and mention your CD from the stage often. Also keep a mailing list signup form handy.

8. 8 1/2 X 11 offset printed B&W pictures of the band are cheap, and great for giving away or autographing.

9. Put together a kit that contains the following: poster board, markers, Sharpies, ink pens, masking tape, scotch tape, duct tape, staple gun, thumb tacks, fliers, and glue stick. Be prepared to makes signs, posters, or whatever is needed at a particular gig.

10. Put together another bag with aspirin, herbal tea, throat remedies, medications, cosmetics & personal products, small towels, etc. for quick cleanup or to get you through the headache or flu.

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