What Our Clients Say About Us

"I had my haunted house soundtrack CD mastered at another design house and they use your barcode services. Your service was low cost and easy to use and fit perfectly within my product. Stores have been happy with the barcode and labelling and people love the wierd spooky ambience of the CD. Once it gets time for our next release, you very much have a customer for life."

Dark Matter Antonio Gonzalez jr., Free Spirit Enterprises

"After finally finishing a full length cd I was heartbroken when all the stores would not even talk to me without bar codes on my product. After researching all the costs involved I found out it would cost me another seven hundred to one thousand dollars to make my cd's retail ready.

I almost got a second job to pay for this, so imagine my delight when I found indierec.com.

They answered all my questions very fast, I ordered online and my cd's were retail ready so quickly, I couldn't beleive it. I highly reccomend indierec.com to all my fellow struggling underground artists. Its not even 1/10 the cost of doing it yourself, and its just as effective.

I saved at least $700 and got the same results. My thanks to indierec.com for theirgreat service. " Steven Cambian - Studio owner & Independant recording artist. www.subcultureproductions.com

"My experience with Independent Records has been very positive. Independent Records has given me the tools to make my CD project come to life. Being associated with the label has allowed me to gain airplay and has given me credibility through having an actual product number that can be registered with soundscan and barcode that can be used to assist with getting distributors lined up. Dealing with Independent Records has taught me a lot about the 'business' of my songwriting craft."

Michael Coleman

"My experience with independent records has been, a tremendous value for a minimum investment. IR gives the d i y , indie, first time , artist a sense of credibility and professionalism with a proper bar code and logo for your release. it allowed me to get distrbution on the web and local consignment in my local tower records. Keep up the great work.....looking forward to using your service for my second release in 2004."

Alfie Gonzalez e:moderne

"First and foremost, THANK YOU!!! Indierec gave us the ability to RELEASE material with a cost savings that allowed me to put more money into the manufacture of my material. My company expects to continue using www.indierec.com as our source for UPC labels and as our primary link for information and research. You guys are an enabler to the indie industry. THANKS!!!"

Keith Wolfe President & CEO Phuchaphly Entertainment, Inc.

"Thank you so much for providing OgreOgress productions with a method to barcode our releases!"

Glenn Freeman OgreOgress Productions

"IR is definately the way to go! Thanks to their easy and inexpensive set-up/sign-up, SUPERCELL was able to get our first release, '5 Degrees Left of Normal', registered w/ SoundScan quickly and painlessly and out to the public, in no time at all. We had a special set of circumstances surrounding our record and without Independent Records ...we'd have been screwed."

SUPERCELL/The 410 Music Group/Retrospect Records

"I registered w/ IR because the price of UPC codes was so high when trying to release just one LP. It was a great idea and very appreciated. Especially since the price could've been higher. Very much for the indie artist. I can't add much more because I received a M&D deal after releasing my first single. The information on your website really clears a lot of things up though. Thanks"


"I am a brand new customer of IR, just received my first bar code from you. I can only say if all goes smoothly once my CD is in shops around theworld, I am immensely grateful for this service you provide, to help small labels and unknown artists have a greater chance to get their music distributed... and at an affordable price. Thanks and keep it up"

Disha Schluter from My Master Music in Byron Bay Australia

" I have found Independent Records to be very efficient. Ordering has been trouble-free, and my bar codes have been emailed promptly, and are of the best graphic quality! The information provided on your website is an excellent resource for independent artists. Keep up the good work!"

Brockton James Paradise CA

"I've been with Independent Records for two and a half years and have found the company to be reliable, efficient, helpful and above all, very friendly. Not only do IR register releases with Soundscan and supply a barcode for the CD, they also provide many useful bits of information as well as arrange special offers for IR artists. A regular newsletter also provides much information and keeps you in touch with the latest discounts and trends. In my view, being registered with Independent Records is like having the backing of a record company, but without the 'men in suits' trying to run your life and the music you play, or taking bucket loads of money off you. IR are excellent value for money and I would strongly recommend any unsigned artist to become a member of the IR family."


"Independent Records was quick and easy. We used it to obtain a bar code for our new release and found IR to be a cost effective and efficient solution to a problem. You guys were great!"

David Doersch from Coyote Run, Inc. Celtic-American Folk Music

"As an independent musician and recording artist, it is very difficult to weasle through the oppressions of big business and produce a well made album. Independent Records has helped Eugene Swank & the Ghost Writers make a professional album in a cost effective range."

Eugene Swank from ES Records Pensacola, FL

"Independent Records provided me with a UPC code within 24 hours and everything went smoothly. I'm glad to be part of the label."

John Feith Bird Song Ear Training Guide: Who Cooks for Poor Sam Peabody? CD. Madison, Wisconsin

"I can't say much, but I can say this: Everything I need AFTER I write the songs is at http://www.indierec.com."

Jeff Bosset

"Independent Records is a great resource for independent artists. You can come here knowing very little about how to work in this industry, and with their newsletter and website full of useful info and links, leave more prepared an knowledgable about this business. The music business is just that, it's music, but i'ts also business, and you can't neglect one or the other. You have to be on top of both to succeed. IR has helped me alot. The newsletter is cool too."

Adam Thick aka Mr.Scrillion

"Accessing a barcode from IR could not have been easier. A couple of clicks and it was there waiting for me. Previous advice was given freely and efficiently. It's the most stress-free cyber-interaction I've had so far in achieving my musical goals."

Suzanne Clachair Queensland Australia

"I am an independent solo artist that recorded a 9 song independent CD in late 2002. I was unable to talk to local stores to help me promote and sell my CD as it did not have a BAR CODE. Independent Records solved my problem and in less than a week, and a price that could not be beat, I had bar codes. I ordered the label style Bar Codes and they have worked great. Thanks Independent Records."

Bobby R.

"Haven't got much to say really! We purchased a bar code from you with no complaints and no problems. Your service was fast, efficient, correct, convenient and cheap, so I'm a pretty satisfied customer!"

Tina James Colchester, England - The Marvin Project (Band)

"Hello. I just wanted to say that your service is wonderful. I am glad that i found Independent Records. Thanks."

Adam X Bloody Maiden

"I think you offer a very valuable services to indie artists who hope to sell their product in stores where a bar code is required. The cost is manageable. The process is simple. Good Luck and thanks."

Quinn Inner Vision Recordings

"I got involved with IR simply because I needed barcodes for 6 albums I was ready to distribute all at once. IR saved my pocketbook by making the barcode purchasing cheap and easy. And it saved my sanity by making it so easy to use the barcode in my package design. I probably don't use IR in all the ways possible (especially since I'm not a performer, just a composer), but I check the newsletter for tidbits every time. I'm grateful for the service and hope it continues. Thanks!"

Norman Rose

"All I can say is, Independent Records is everything they say they are. My band and I went through the gauntlet of recording and releasing our first independent CD. Purchasing our bar code, and registering our release with Independent Records, not only made the appearance of our CD more professional, but resulted in a connection to a resource that provides loads of assistance, guidelines, and tips to succeed in the world of independent music. Thanks again!"

Matthew K. Smith

"I've been very happy with your service the few times I've used it. You're a great resource for small, up and coming companies and artists that don't have a bar code of their own yet. Keep up the good work."

Eric Peterson Wide Stance Productions

"I registered a release with you guys about 6 months ago. Before getting the barcode and registering, I had a few questions that needed to be answered. Some of the questions I felt were dumb, but when you replied back, you answered everything with no problem at all. I felt good about asking questions to you guys. Sometimes when I ask questions to people or businesses, they don't give me the respect I deserve. Maybe they think I'm an idiot. Who knows? All I know is that if I'm using a company for their services, I expect them to answer my questions and not treat me like an idiot. When people pay me money for my services, and then have a question, I treat them with respect and give them an answer. I don't care what the question is. Respect is what they deserve, and what everybody deserves, especially when their a client or a future client. That is one of the main things I look at when dealing with companies. Whether it be a music store, software company, repair shop, cd manufacturing, web design, promotion company, record store, or any other company, I always watch how they treat their clients. I am very big on companies that like to have good relationships with their clients. If I'm paying money, they should pay attention. At Independent Records, I was given attention when needed. I was treated with respect and not like an idiot, especially when I had those dumb questions. I was very happy with Independent Records. I feel good about dealing with them, and found them to be very helpful."


"I had a very good experience. I remember I had some questions at the beginning and you wrote back at length. I've gotten four bar codes from you - 2 CDs 2 cassettes."


"This was a great help..and by forwarding our product to HMV we managed to get our single SUPERCHARGER by THE LAST TAXI..registered on the HMV database and stored in their local branch.many thanks."


"My experiences with Independent Records have been a great one. For starters, it has allowed college radio stations to be more serious in our material once we stated that we are with Independent Records. It kinda opened the doors with us. We now are going to have one of our songs being used in a film directed by Jose Pendes and along the credit lines where our song is titled it will show that we are with your company. It's a way thanking you that joining with you also opened up doors for us."

Tony Cunha New Bedford MA

"Through Independent Records, recording artist Rikki Lee Travolta has been able to reach a worldwide fan base leading to his inclusion on the 2003 Grammy nomination ballot in six categories including Best New Artist and Song of the Year."

Drake Miezel Prime Time Entertainment - Chicago, IL

"I think Independent Records is great. If it weren't for Independent Records, I don't know how I would have had my first album released in stores like I wanted to. The registration process was so quick that I don't even remember doing it and the barcode arrived in my mailbox within the week. I really appreciate Independent Records services and plan to register my next couple of releases with Independent Records. They have my support and I wish them much success."

Derek Armstrong Underground Mafia Music - Houston, TX.

"You guys were great. I ordered a barcode online that arrived via email as just promised. I even had a couple of sizing and placement questions that were answered quickly and completely. Thanks again."

Matt Brelje

"great, efficient, expeditous experience! thank you."


"It was easy to register online. Your website is very informative and provided step-by-step instructions on how to do so. We did this I believe on a sunday night, through the online registration form and we were registered the next day! The next thing we did was follow your info links, to find a CD duplicator. We used Discmasters, which took care of use in a quick timely manor. We are now also registered with soundscan, however most of our sales are at live shows.(kinda defeats the purpose,huh?) It doesn't matter at this point. After 14 years of writing and playing, I am just happy people like the cd. Thank you for all of your help, your websites' navigation and instruction made things easy to understand."

Anton Stabley (LAST) A.S.A.P. Entertainment